High School Game of the Week: Fairview vs. Rocky River

https://youtu.be/0_9UBy4AA14 – High School Game of the Week: Fairview vs. Rocky River

Week 1 of Cleveland Browns High School Game of the Week presented PNC Bank and in association with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Postgame Notes

Cleveland Browns First and Ten

While visiting a different community each week for the Cleveland Browns High School Game of the Week, we come across an overwhelming amount of selfless individuals who help make high school football so special in their respected communities. This week we met Fairview volunteer, Dave Afanador. Dave volunteers his time announcing at the Fairview High School home football games. Dave has spent the last 6 years announcing for the Warriors and has been involved with youth football and coaching for the 26 years. He currently coaches for the Fairview 7th and 8th grade youth football teams. Dave is a Business Develop Manager for Hyload, handling roofing and water projects for the company. Through his job, he was able to donate loud speakers to Fairview’s Dr. James B. Daley Stadium to utilize during various events.


Finding The Right Brain Injury Compensation Lawyer


Brain injury cases are very complex, and it’s not possible to take one on without the assistance of a brain injury compensation lawyer. They will help you through it. By choosing a good lawyer for the case, you will avoid the anxiety and uncertainty that would come from dealing with it all yourself.

You would be foolish to try to claim compensation for a brain injury if you are not a lawyer, and don’t understand how things work. This is why you need to retain the services of a top brain injury compensation lawyer, who has the experience and expertise to handle the claim for you.

While this may not be the first thing on your mind in such a situation, those who have suffered brain damage as a result of negligence are often entitled to financial compensation. This financial compensation goes towards looking after the brain injured victim and their family, with a strong emphasis on quality of life. This is where professional advice from a brain injury claims lawyer with vast experience in managing and handling such cases is essential.

Not all lawyers like taking a case to trial, and may try to settle out of court instead, even when it is a bad choice. It’s not always best to go to trial, but you should discuss this with your lawyer, and make sure the course of action you have chosen is the right one.

Check the web for reviews and lists of reputable lawyers specialising in brain injury compensation claims. Many websites are dedicated to keeping track of lawyers, and can offer lots of different information on them. Find several lawyers you like and compare them. You might see someone and think they look brilliant, but it is unwise to go with the first person you see.


Ryan Lochte New Endorsement Deal with a Pine Brothers that Wants to Give Him ‘A Second Chance’

http://www.businessinsider.com/ryan-l… – Ryan Lochte New Endorsement Deal with a Pine Brothers that Wants to Give Him ‘A Second Chance’

US Olympian Ryan Lochte has managed to find a brand that still wants to sponsor him after he admitted to making up a story about being robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics earlier this month.

The swimmer has signed a deal with Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops, Adweek reported.

Lochte confirmed the deal on Twitter, saying: “Thanks to all the folks at pine bros. for your confidence in me. I look forward to making you proud.”

He will appear in a commercial and print ads for the brand that will include the tagline: “Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops: Forgiving On Your Throat.”

It’s not a huge brand, and it’ll unlikely be a major campaign, but the timing is perfect for the company to get maximum exposure as Lochte dominates the headlines.

In a statement, Pine Bros. CEO Rider McDowell said: “We all make mistakes, but they’re rarely given front-page scrutiny. He’s a great guy who has done incredible work with charities. I’m confident that Pine Bros. fans will support our decision to give Ryan a second chance.”

The announcement came on the same day Lochte was reportedly charged by Brazilian police over the false robbery claim. Brazil’s Justice Department is summoning Lochte back to Rio to appear in court for a hearing about the incident, which he has since described as an “overexaggeration.”

Reports and security footage have since appeared to show that the events of that evening actually stemmed from an altercation with security staff at a gas station where he and three teammates had stopped to use the bathroom.

Lochte and his teammates reportedly damaged the gas station and were stopped by armed security guards when they attempted to leave. Security reportedly demanded money for the damages, which the swimmers paid in cash.

Lochte has since apologized over the incident, saying in a statement that he accepted “responsibility for my role in this happening and have learned some valuable lessons.”

Lochte has lost all his major sponsors, with Speedo, Ralph Lauren, the mattress company Airweave, and Gentle Hair Removal parent company Syneron-Candela all announcing on Monday they were dropping ties with the athlete.


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Don’t Breathe Review – Whose Bright Idea Was It to Rob a Blind Man?

https://youtu.be/uedr1mw5R-k – Don’t Breathe Review – Whose Bright Idea Was It to Rob a Blind Man?

People who go to see movies like “Don’t Breathe” — some of them, anyway — tend to laugh when people are killed onscreen. And when people believed to be dead open their eyes. Even I laughed when the watchdog, which the three attractive young thieves had drugged into slumber, appeared in the hallway, growling. Ha! Guess he woke up, dudes.

Such are the mood and mentality of this home-invasion story, directed by Fede Alvarez. And it will probably please fans of this simple genre with its solid suspense, murky lighting and “gotcha!” scares.

Set in Michigan, the film follows teenage criminals as they choose their next victim: a reclusive, white-haired blind man whose house is surrounded by empty homes with overgrown lawns. But the man (Stephen Lang, a stage actor also known for the film “Avatar”) isn’t as helpless as the invaders had hoped. A war veteran, he hasn’t forgotten any of his killing skills, so the break-in gets messy.

Characters are easily ranked by degrees of evil. Money (Daniel Zovatto) is bad to the core. Rocky (Jane Levy) is bad, but she has an excuse (a horrible mother and home life). Alex (Dylan Minnette) is almost a good guy but sees nothing wrong with stealing enough money to move to California. The nameless blind man seems noble at first, mourning his little daughter, but something in his basement suggests that his demise wouldn’t be a great loss to humanity. Which lets the audience relax and applaud all the slaughter.

“Don’t Breathe” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian) for torrents of four-letter words, gun violence, head-bashing and a scene involving a container of sperm.

Don’t Breathe

Director Fede Alvarez
Running Time 1h 28m
Writers Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues
Genres Horror, Thriller
Stars Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Emma Bercovici
Rating R

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